Fence for interior

Decoration of interior rooms of your home, residential buildings and business premises.

Exterior fence

Decoration of the balcony, terrace, staircase, yard.

Stainless steel shelves

High quality stainless steel shelves.

Mail box

High quality mailbox from inox. Mailboxes that will not rust and which will serve you for a long time.

Hydrophobic bottles

High quality bottles of inox. We offer bottles of the following volumes: 90, 130, 150, 180 liters. Special request can be made from 500 and 550 liters. The bottles are protected by the method of hot zinc plating.

Products according to customer’s request

We can produce products that are not in constant supply.

Established as a small trade store for the sale of water supplies in 1998. Our family company has gone through various stages of development in which we have tried to improve it and achieve our vision in the business that we always strive to bring something new and innovative to our customers. Since 2001, we have begun to produce hydrophore vessels, boilers and bath dryers, so that in 2007, based on our production experiences and conversations with potential clients, we decidedly ventured into the production of fences, gelenders, and gates of inoxes. At the same time, we started to purchase the appropriate equipment and machines used in this production process in order to facilitate our work and we could offer our customers a smooth product, all in line with our motto of business QUALITY WHICH SEEN.

In order to maintain the quality of our products, it is our obligation to bring this process to the introduction of new technologies and processes. In the period 2014-2015 we have equipped production with the latest CNC technology,

Today, we can present our current and future clients with top quality services in the processing of metals, sheets and pipes in our machine park. Initially the production was 50m2 and now we are spreading to 1400m2.

Our machinery park:

  • AMADA CNC Machine Punch
  • Durma ADR 175 CNC bending presses.
  • DURMA VS 3006 CNC shears for cutting sheet metal.
  • HEBO RBV 12 pipe perforation machine.
  • TUBOMAT NC bending machine
  • DURMA PBH 60 CNC trenchers

In short, we are, and we did not stop our motto, it always remains something new, but not at all costs, but at all costs it must remain the QUALITY that can be seen.